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Gareth Smith

Gareth founded the wombile project when he decided to produce Faebl for Over The Air. He's the guy in the video. If you want help making the wombile platform work for you, or if you have questions or ideas, you can email him here:
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Gareth is probably the best placed person to understand the system as a whole, and is designing the next version.

Matt Hammond

Matt has been with the project from the beginning, writing code and making sure things actually work. While his fingerprints can be found throughout the system, most of the networking code is exclusively his.

Alia Sheikh

Alia is responsible for everything pretty in wombile. All the imagery, look and feel and sound is hers. Many of the game concepts in our example systems owe a big debt to her imagination.

Steve Jolly

Steve got left alone with a very early wombile system for a couple of hours, and Proxichat was the result. Steve is also responsible for most of wombile's database and web connectivity.