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Latest release: 4th August 2009

Download it here. It has been a while since our last release and a lot has changed! Some highlights:

NOTE: This version is incompatible with previous releases.

What is wombile?

The wombile platform is an exciting new way of providing rich, location-aware media content on a wide range of mobile platforms. It was originally concieved as a technology to enable the authors to prototype the location-based roleplaying game Faebl, as seen at Over The Air .

Wombile is a thin client that lives on a modern mobile phone, and a collection of server-side tools designed to drive that client. On top of this framework, you can build a media system, such as the Faebl game, or the Proxichat service. The client will optionally send the server regular heartbeats, detailing the user's position. The server is free to maintain any state necessary for the service, and, at any time, to display messages and ask questions on the client screen.

Wombile also allows for relationships between any two services in the system. For example, players of two different games may be able to interact with one another if those games share a common interaction mechanic (such as combat, or text-chat), without either player being made aware that the other is playing a different game.

To find out more, have a look at our video presentation, browse some applications that use wombile, or have a play with the source code. If you have more questions or ideas, feel free to talk to me. My name's Gareth, and my email address is:

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